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The DTS Treatment Method is an alternative medical technology designed to help relieve your cervical (neck) or lumbar (low-back) pain. Clinical studies of DTS Treatment Method- referred to as non-surgical spinal decompression therapy- are reporting that more than 70 percent of patients show significant reduction of pain. A percentage reports elimination of pain. Thousands of people across the country are enjoying the benefits of DTS treatment. We’re eager to help you learn if you too are a candidate for this treatment method.

DTS Treatment Method is safe and effective treatment for pain without the risks associated with surgery, anesthesia, infection, or prescription medication. As you might imagine, the DTS Treatment Method is rapidly gaining popularity due to its exceptional results in treating chronic back pain without surgery.

The DTS Treatment Method uses FDA- approved equipment. Simply described, this method of treatment uses a therapeutic table that is connected to a computer, to electronically distract and decompress your spinal column. This decompresses your spine- specifically the intervertebral discs and joints and stretches your spinal muscles- the three structures that produce most of your pain.

Prior to beginning treatments, we evaluate you to determine if you are a candidate. Your medical history, x-rays, CT/MRI scans are carefully reviewed. If you are a candidate for therapy, an individual treatment plan is created for your specific needs. A typical plan may be as few as 12 to 20 treatments. It is important to complete your treatment plan- and thus the full healing process- even if you start feeling improvement early on. It is not uncommon to experience a significant reduction in pain early in your treatments.

At the beginning of each session, you are fitted with a comfortable harness designed to offer optimal decompression. You are fully dressed, and a specially trained technician will make sure that you are properly positioned for comfort, safety and effectiveness. The computer is programmed in accordance with your specific treatment plan, and your session commences. Additionally, you are in complete control and can shut down the treatment at any time if discomfort should occur.

During each session, you experience multiple cycles of distraction/relaxation, which may take 7 to 15 minutes to complete. The equipment is designed to apply precisely-controlled tension along the axis of your spinal column, creating decompression of the intervertebral discs. The process is fully automated and administered by a computer, which in turn is monitored by an attending technician.

During the distraction cycle, you may feel some relief of the pressure in the area where your pain exists. During this time, your body is responding by flooding the area with valuable oxygen, blood, and nutrients which help promote your body’s natural healing process.

Your treatment sessions are typically both comfortable and relaxing. At the end of your session, you’re ready to head home! Most patients benefit and enjoy the FDTS Treatment Method!

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