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What Our Clients Say

The entire staff is awesome! Very friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Hoang and Dr. Trainor are both excellent. They are thorough and make sure that you understand your treatments and the reasons for them.

James Leman

I travel from Covington to Metairie for my visits, that should speak for itself! But this practice along with all of its employees are very caring, personable and professional. Dr. Kim Trainor is amazing, understanding and easy to get along with.

Elizabeth LaFleur

Love everyone at this place!
Everyone is down to earth, understanding, and non-stop keeping up with everyone. As a business owner I have the utmost respect for the staff and knowledge.

Herbert Hartman

The staff is always courteous and very friendly. They take their time to learn their patients first names for a more personal experience. I have never felt more at ease while going for an adjustment. I recommend them to all my family and friends.

Gina Hibbs

In just a weeks time they have made exceptional progress with my loss of motion in my neck and shoulder. They are very effecient and thourally understand my issues. The team of chiropractors have quickly created an action plan for my recovery. I can’t recommend them enough, the entire team is pleasant and I’m always feeling better after every treatment. Thank you!

Dennis Brennan Jr

My daughter sees Dr Hoang and Dr Trainor. Along with their staff, they provide superior care. They are clearly knowledgeable and experienced. I would not hesitate referring my family, my friends or my own patients to them.

LaShon Maggio

Love Hoang Chiropractor Care. Both Dr. Hoang and Dr.Trainor are excellent doctors. They are extremely knowledgeable, great listeners, and focused on getting you the right treatment for your needs. The staff is amazing and very nice. Very accommodating with appointment times.

Gina Hibbs

The staff here are great! They are very friendly. When I started my therapy here my pain was over 10. After a few months with them I felt much better and am almost pain free. They were always so welcoming and made me feel like family. Highly recommend.

Atiya Jamhour

I love Dr. Trainor and all of her staff. They have the most up to date technology, from laser therapy, the matrix machine, spinal decompression beds, ultrasound waves, etc. to make sure you get the best care and relief possible. I had been seeing a chiropractor with an older approach for years and it did provide relief for a while but the pain always came back since we weren’t fixing the underlying problem (6 ruptured discs).

Alexis Aleman