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Lots of patients that would have needed to endure surgical procedure have elected Non-Surgical Spinal Relief in Metairie, LA and Gretna, LA.

Today, you don’t have to put up with that pain anymore. Thanks to the joint efforts of a group of top physicians and medical engineers, Spinal Decompression was developed to successfully treat lower back pain and sciatica resulting from herniated or deteriorated discs. Spinal Decompression not only dramatically lessens back pain in many patients, but also enables the majority of patients to go back to more active life styles.

Does it really work?

Spinal Decompression has been demonstrated effective in relieving the pain linked with bulging and herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, and even relapse or failed back surgery. Since its introduction, clinical studies have shown an outstanding success rate in treating lumbar disc related problems.

How does it work?

It uses highly developed technology to apply a distraction force to relieve nerve compression often related to low back pain and sciatica.

If you are a candidate for care, contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation with our Doctor to determine. After carefully studying your case history and exam findings, we will sit down and explain his recommended plan of action for you. After answering any questions you may have about the recommended plan, you may begin your care with Spinal Decompression.

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The Accu-SPINA™ System is a unique method that delivers a treatment called IDD Therapy® (Intervertebral Differential Dynamics). IDD Therapy® is the one of the most advanced non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for low back and neck conditions. It is a mechanized pain reduction and healing system that has, after many years of research, studies have shown to be up 86% -91% success rate in reduction of disc herniation pain and symptoms.


The combination of angle of pull utilizing a fixed tower and an air bladder create a fulcrum pinpointing treatment to the specific region that needs help. IDD Therapy® creates negative pressure between the discs, hopefully decreasing the herniation and healing the damaged area. The system supplies alternating decompression followed by a period of partial relaxation. Each session on the Accu-SPINA™ equipment is approximately 23-35 minutes long including set-up and take-off. The visits commonly go over a 4-6 week period based upon severity of their condition.

Who can benefit from using Accu-SPINATM™ equipment?

People with the following conditions are ideal candidates for enrollment into the Accu-SPINA™ program and have the potential of achieving quality outcomes in the treatment of their back and neck pain: (1) Herniated or Bulging Discs; (2) Nerve Compression; (3) Lumbar or Cervical Disorders; (4) Low Back or Neck Strains; (5) Sciatic Neuralgia (Sciatica); (6) Injury of the Lumbar or Cervical Nerve Root; (7) Degenerative Discs (unresponsive to four weeks of conservative therapy); (8) Spinal Arthritis; (9) Low Back Pain w/ or w/o Sciatica; (10) Degenerative Joint Disease; (11) Facet Syndrome; (12) Myofasciitis Syndrome; (13) Disuse Atrophy; (14) Lumbar Instability; (15) Acute Low Back Pain; and (16) Post-Surgical Low Back Pain (recurrent pain from a failed back surgery lasting more than six months, without hardware).
Patients with low back pain or neck pain who have had no success with conventional therapy and who are considering surgery should utilize the Accu-SPINA™. Surgery should be considered only following a reasonable trial of the Accu-SPINA™ System IDD Therapy® protocols.
Patients who undergo the full four to six weeks of the treatment protocol will obtain the best results. A patient must be at least at least 18 years of age to undergo Accu-SPINA™ treatment.


Although the Accu-SPINATM received FDA Cleared in 2000, some carriers will cover, some will not, this is specific to the patient and their insurance company. Many major insurances, however, will cover at least a portion of the treatments associated with our back and neck therapy protocols.


IDD TherapyR on The Accu-SPINATM System is a safe procedure that can be used on patients with Chronic Back and Neck Pain caused by Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, Herniated Discs, Bulging Discs, Slipped Discs, and Sciatica.


Treatment protocols are based on research and research studies. Each treatment builds on the progress made at the previous session. Treatments are scheduled 1 to 3 days apart so as not to lose ground on that progress, especially in the earlier sessions. Treatments at one day apart are optimal for best results.


Attitude is a very important part of healing. Maintaining optimism is important for healing. Patients are asked to participate in their treatment by complying with the entire Accu-SPINATM protocol, by following through with their exercise programs and by using good sense in terms of minimizing activities that worsen their pain.

What about other therapies?

Recent studies comparing Accu-SPINATM to standard physical therapy including traction, exercise, muscle stimulation, ultrasound, massage, and heat and ice showed Accu-SPINATM decompression to be more effective in terms of perceived pain reduction, debilitating pain reduction, cumulative strength index and overall outcome.


Yes, the Accu-SPINATM has received FDA Clearance as a Class II Medical Device with 510(k) listing: One is for providing decompression to the lower back (lumbar spine) and the other is for providing decompression to the neck (cervical spine). The Accu-SPINATM is approved to provide treatment for relief from pain and disability for those patients suffering with low back pain and neck pain associated with herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, and posterior facet syndrome.

Have there been clinical trials and studies conducted on idd therapy® and the Accu-SPINATM™ SYSTEM?

Extensive clinical studies have been conducted to validate IDD Therapy® treatment. Thousands of back pain patients have been successfully treated. Nearly a full year practical in-the-field analysis by participating physicians nationwide has been conducted.

Who Manufactures The Accu-SPINA™ System?

North American Medical Corporation (NAM) is the sole manufacturer of IDD Therapy® certified medical devices, including the Accu-SPINA™ system. The Accu-SPINA™ is the most advanced technology available for IDD treatment.

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